Paintings by Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida
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Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida
Spanish, 1863 - 1923
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Maria in the Gardens of La Granja Maria in the Gardens of La Granja
Under the Awning Under the Awning
Bacchante Bacchante
Italian head Italian head
Fishermen Valencianos Fishermen Valencianos
Eating at La Barca Eating at La Barca
Clotilde with Black Suit Clotilde with Black Suit
The Tree Yellow-La Granja The Tree Yellow-La Granja
Maria Painting in El Pardo  Maria Painting in El Pardo
Alcazar of Seville source  Alcazar of Seville source
Puerto de Valencia  Puerto de Valencia
Leaving the Bath  Leaving the Bath
Walk to the Sea  Walk to the Sea
Clotilde Sitting on a Couch  Clotilde Sitting on a Couch 
Mary Mantilla Mary Mantilla
Rincon del Alcazar of Seville Grutesco  Rincon del Alcazar of Seville Grutesco
Nude Woman  Nude Woman
Maria La Guapa  Maria La Guapa
Types Aragoneses  Types Aragoneses
Maria Guerrero  Maria Guerrero
Tuna (Ayamonte)  Tuna (Ayamonte)
Resting Bacchante  Resting Bacchante
The Palm  The Bata Rosa
The Bata Rosa  The Bata Rosa


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