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Bert was born in Scarborough, Ontario which is now a part of Toronto. An electronics technician by training, Bert operated an electronics service business, 'Christensen Television' for many years until he retired in 1998. Several years ago, Bert taught himself to program computers and to design web pages.
His wife, Dr. Louise Ripley is a retired Professor of Marketing at York University in Toronto, and a published novelist.
Louise & Amber
Louise and Amber
Erik as carpenter
Erik the carpenter incognito
Their son, Erik is now a journeyman carpenter and a foreman at Action Scaffold Services and sometimes works in very high places. From a previous marriage, Bert also has two sons, Mark and Brent, and four grandchildren. Mark is a business analyst at Rothmans. His wife, Soo, is retired from IBM. Their son, David is Manager, Business Development and Planning at Phillip Morris International. Their daughter, Laura is a Professional Engineer with Dillon Consulting in Vancouver. Brent is Senior System Analyst at Toromont, a large Caterpillar dealer. His wife, Maureen, is a Nutritionist. Their daughter, Sarah is studying Geography and Environmental Studies at McMaster University and her sister, Brenda will be studying science at Guelph University.

The Ripley/Christensen household also includes two cats, Jesse and Juno, a greyhound, Jake and a pug, Daisy,  thousands of books, hundreds of frogs (Louise collects them), and many, many computers (donít ask!).
Erik working in high places
The view from the back of our house
The view from the back of our house
The Ripley/Christensens live in a townhouse in the north-east part of Toronto. The house overlooks a large open area and is close to a wooded ravine. There are a large number of birds who come around for food as well as raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, deer, coyotes, chipmunks, foxes, and the occasional skunk. In January, 1999 Toronto experienced the snowiest January on record. For pictures, click here.

Louise took up tap dancing at the age of 65.
Here she is dressed for her first solo.

Jake and Daisy
Jake and Daisy

Juno and Jesse
Juno and Jesse
Our House
Our House

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